Mi Router 3 – The best Budget Friendly 4K Streaming Router in Bangladesh

Mi Router 3

Why Xiaomi Mi Router 3 selling millions globally?

Either you are using Broadband internet for PC, Laptop or Mobile, you must need a Router to access the internet at affordable price. You can share internet with multiple devices at no additional cost. That means, with this Mi Router 3 and with a single line you can use more than 100 devices with this Long Range WiFi Router in Bangladesh.

Be sure to buy the Global Version– keep away from the Chinese version. Here are quick tips to identify the Global version- All text on the box (Inside and out, front and back) will be in English. Also, the manual will be in English. Web Configuration page will be in English as well.

A Router provides a route on the internet. It is a small electronic device that can join multiple computer networks using LAN or wireless connections. How a router works is not important at all, but what you need to know is that a router is important for you. I am here to Recommend you the Mi Router 3.

Mi Rotuer 3

The Mi Router 3 is suitable for the CPU type MediaTek MT7620, and its ROM is SLC Nand Flash 128 MB while its RAM is DDR2 128MB. The reason why I recommend this dual-band router to you is due to its fantastic features.

Mi Router 3 can be controlled by the mobile app:

This WiFi Router allows controlling the whole router and its protocols by mobile apps. Smart network configuration and manage the users with simple mobile apps. This is the first types of simple controlling system in router devices. You don’t need to be a tech guru to configure your router anymore.

Coverage area 2000 Sq Feet.

High Gain 4 Antenna & Long Range Coverage:

This is one of the most important features of this Mi Router 3. This router comes with 4 antenna and long range to provide the stable wireless network. This router could cover up to 2000 square feet of strong network signal. In general, you can use it for 4 room house without much problem. This can be also used in the crowdy place like restaurant or university as well.

Dual Band Support:

Either you are using an old mobile or latest 4G LTE devices, you will get the full bandwidth from this device. This router supports both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless network. This router is really smart to identify the best and most strong signal for your device instantly.

Mi Router3 best for 4K Media Streaming

If you have any Mi TV Box 3, then you can enjoy the 5Ghz 4K Live Streaming to your 4K TV from the YouTube or from the internet.

High Speed 4K Streaming:

If you have latest 4K TV or Smart TV at your home with high-speed internet, then you can get the full benefit for this device. This Xiaomi Router supports high-speed 4K streaming. It supports all dual-band devices.

For example, there are two 10 / 100M adaptive-LAN port and a 10 / 100M adaptive WAN port. OK, I understand that throwing all these letters and Specs will not impress you 😛 . What is meant by these features is that your connection can be very stable since the port (where the networks can join the router) is designed with the latest technology and durable? As I have said, the reason for using a router is because you want to join different networks together. What is implied is that you want the networks to be joined stably. The Older version of the router will often lose connection of one of two networks, and this can frustrate a lot of users. (ROAR).

Network Security

Have you ever wondered how you can be sure or be told that whether or not the network is connected successfully? In this router app you can see all connected device LIVE and if you wish, you can block them instantly. Even you can enable the notification when a new device connects to your network.

Hold tight, there are more about this device 🙂 

The Mi Router 3 in BD is one of the best also because of its operating system. This dual-band router is based-on the OpenWRT-depth customization-of the highly intelligent router operating system. This not only guarantee of the network condition and the router, it also supports a wide range of operating system, including Andriod, iOS, OS X system, Windows as well as Web.

As a result, this router can cater the needs of a large group of customers, no matter you are an Apple lover or an Android user, or even if you are a user of both. Therefore, the Mi Router 3 has the high level of flexibility to all range of users.

If you want some information regarding the wireless type, they are 2.4G Wifi-2X2 and 5G Wifi-2X2, and the wireless standard IEEE 802.11a. Again, it is absolutely fine if you do not know what the code and letters mean, you only need to know that these lead to a more satisfying wireless connection, and again contribute to the point about the stable and smooth connection I have just said.

The Mi Router 3 also has a restore system and a factory settings button. This can again provide more possibility to different users. It can be used for the different purpose of use of course.

The price of this Mi Router 3 in BD is only 2500 Taka. Trust me, you will not get any other Router with 4 Antenna and Dual Band at this price and which is a huge bargain considering all the features of it. On top of that, you do not need to move anywhere to purchase one of this Xiaomi 4K streaming router. This is because home or office delivery is provided if you purchase online on this website This means that you can just sit at home, click few buttons and then enjoy some coffee and wait. Isn’t it nice?

I will without any doubts recommend this product to all of you. This can be one of the best long range routers that you can dream of having one for your high-speed streaming devices.