Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Mi Band 2 in Bangladesh

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is the most versatile and affordable in fitness tracking gadgets. This fitness tracker is a great health coach for everyone. This mi-band 2 is more powerful with any Android or iOS smartphones.

If you have any smartphone with Bluetooth compatibility,  then you can get the full benefits from this amazing fitness tracking band. Configuration is super simple and easy to get all readings. It

Mi Band 2- Is it Worth buying?

There is lots of features you will love it. If you compare this with any other fitness tracking smartwatch, you will find lot’s of positive review form the users around the world. We are not promising this the best one! but Yes! this is the good one within this price cap. You can’t even imagine any other branded fitness tracker at this price range that we can tell you.

Here is some key points that will help you to take a quick decision-

  • Water and Dust Proof
  • Works with both Android, iOS, Also works with Windows phone
  • Longer Battery Life- up to 20 days


Mi Band 2

Mi Band as Smartwatch

Mi Band 2 is often used as smartwatch. You can connect and sync your all Smartphones notification with your Mi Band 2. It also shows the Caller Number/Name, time, steps, battery status, notifications and much more. You also can set Alarm with vibration.

With all cool and useful features, this band is one of the best selling Gadget in Bangladesh. This is not only for style but its really useful to know your daily activities.

Mi Band 2

Hert Rate Monitor

Mi Band 2 is well known for this Heart Rate Monitoring feature. At first Apple introduce this amazing innovation on their Apple Watch which is 20 times expensive than a mi band. So, you will get almost the same result as iWatch with this cheap but powerful smart wristband.


Mi band 2 in BD


Battery Life of Mi Band 2

Xiaomi Bands are world famous for their longer battery life. On Mi Band2 You will get up to 20 days of battery backup with one charge. If you use lots of mobile notifications like SMS, Calls, Facebook Notifications or any other notifications and Vibration Alarms then it may last around 10 days. Still its better if you compare with other branded fitness tracker.


Is it Original Mi Band 2

Yes! As always BDSHOP.com is always selling authentic and branded products, Mi Band 2 also Original and comes with 6 months official Replacement Guaranty. If there is any problem with the device, you will get a brand new one as replacement. We can ensure you are getting 100% Genuine Products from us.


Original Mi Band 2

How to Identify Fake/Original Mi Band 2

There is few tricks to find the difference if you have both on your hand. Otherwise, you will need to be aware of fake products that is selling cheap in the market. To make sure the authentic product ask the Apps name and check the back side of the product for Mi Logo embossed and look for the laser engraved CMIIT ID and the heart rate sensor of the product. Only Genuine Mi band will work with the official “Mi Fit” app from Xiaomi.


After all, this is a very innovative and useful smart wristband. It’s good to have one as your personal health assistance without much worry. It will automatically keep record and notify you with all useful information that you was never aware of.

Hope this article will help you to take a good decision if you are health conscious with limited by budget 😀