Mi WiFi Repeater 2 Setup and Advanced Configuration

Mi WiFi Repeater 2

Mi WiFi Repeater 2 is the second generation of Xiaomi WiFi repeater/extender. This 2nd generation comes with 300Mbps of speed where old version was 150Mbps. There are several issues that we found to configure and run this device with the “MiHome” mobile apps. Here we will discuss how to configure correctly and how to troubleshoot your Mi Repeater 2 to run smoothly.

If you are able to configure it correctly, you will find this is a wow device. It will just enable a full new range of Wi-Fi coverage at your home or office instantly. So, let’s Start with the basic installation.

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Step 1: Install the “MiHome” App from Google play store or Apple store.

Step 2:  Open the app and sign up with your email ID. Why better to sign up with email ID? are coming on that point below this post.

Step 3:  Power up your Mi WiFi repeater 2 with any standard USB port. within few seconds, it will start blinking with orange color LED light.

Note: Don’t forget to stay close to the router while you are configuring your repeater. Once the configuration is done, you can move your repeater to your desired location.

Step 4: Tap + sign or add device button. Then it will start scanning for the new devices around you.

Wait wait!!

Did you found the device?? if your answer is “Yes” you are good to go for next steps but if you “Not Found” the device after few times of scan? Then you are not the only to have this issue. Don’t worry, we found the same issue and we found the solution too 🙂

Watch this video and hopefully, you will find the solution.

After following all the steps from above video, if you are having another new issue like “Timed Out” then we have a quick fix for that. Instead of India/Singapore or another locale- directly put “Mainland China” and if the message comes again. Don’t close the or cancel- just press ‘Try Again” and it will get successfully.

Now, once you have successfully configured your Mi WiFi Repeater 2 you are ready to use it. If you are in advance user and want to do more, then you may wish to change the default name of your repeater. Yes, you can do that and we have a separate video for that. Please watch this video and you will be able to change the repeater name from your apps.

We hope you were able to change your mi WiFi repeater 2 name from the above method.

Now, there may another question, how long this repeater will cover. In general, it covers 1000+ square feet. That means if you have a 1000 square feet house then this device is ready to cover it up. If you have large flats like 2000 square feet then it’s better to use two mi repeater to get the best performance and coverage.

If you want to use one router from 3rd floor to ground floor or from 5th floor. Yes, that is also possible. This is a often case if you have a router at your flat at 4th floor and you want o use it on the roof or at the near playground. You can use multiple mi repeaters one after another.

Mi Repeater

To get the best result, we will need to configure the Mi Repeater 2 Correctly and to maximize your WiFi range you may wish to use multiple devices. It will save the braodband internet charge and gives your optimum output for wifi mobility within your large office space.