Mi Router 3 VS 3C – আসলে কোনটা বেশী ভালো?

Mi Router 3 VS 3C

Which one you should buy- Xiaomi Router 3 or 3C?

If you just heard any of this for the first time, then you may get confused about just bought which one is cheap in price. Where the fact is, there is a major difference in both versions. So, if you are Sensible consumer or user then you must know What’s the difference between this tow version before you buy it for you.

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Is there any difference between Mi Router 3 and 3C version?

This is the most common question from the buyer community of Bangladesh. More than 60% of the users are not aware of these two different model. In this case, sometimes, few sellers take the advantage unethically and they sell the 3C model to the customer.

Today we will discuss what is the major difference between this two version of Mi Router 3 and 3C router, so that it may help you to take the wise decision.

What is the major difference between Mi Router 3 and 3C?

  • Mi router 3C has single band only (2.4Ghz) where Router 3 Comes with Dual band facility (both 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz).
  • Mi Router 3C support only 300Mbps of speed. Where Mi Router 3 support 300+867=  1167Mbps (Known as AC1200 series).
  • Technically, Mi Router 3C has 16MB NorFlash on ROM where is Mi Router 3 comes with 128MB SLC Nand Flash of ROM.
  • Another big difference on the technical aspect, Mi Router 3C comes with 64MB DDR2 RAM where is Mi Router 3 comes with 128MB DDR2 RAM.
  • There is another minor difference- Mi Router 3 comes with a USB port for cloud Storage and there is no USB port on Mi Router 3C.
  • And finally, there is an obvious difference on Processor itself. Mi Router 3 Comes with powerful MT7620A Processor and Mi Router 3C has MT7628N Processor.

These are the major differences on Xiaomi mi Router 3C and 3. Obviously, there is a price difference and 3C is cheaper than 3. In a word, even the name and model is simial but both the Router is completely different and performance and range of WiFi also different.

Xiaomi Router 3 and 3C
Picture of both Mi Router 3C and 3

Now, If you ask us, which one I shall buy? Then, we ask the below questions to help you better-

  1. Do you have a 5Ghz supported device or all your devices are only 2.4Ghz?
  2. Do you have a future plan to upgrade your devices? Like, Smartphone, Laptop etc.
  3. Do you need a new router just for regular use or for high performance and for streaming videos to smart TV or other devices?

If the answers come YES! Then we suggest going with Mi Router 3. This is not mandatory if you don’t have any issue with the budget of spending a little extra and get ready for the future 🙂

As an honest suggestion, go with Mi Router 3 it will give you more power of Live Streaming with 5Ghz and long distance WiFi coverage with 2.4Ghz and stable connectivity with a faster processor and the double power of RAM.