Instant Water Heater Review- Panasonic (DH-3JL2P)

Shower Water Heater

Instant Water Heater is a must have home appliance in Winter. When you are thinking about a modern wash room; then you have to move your concentration to the water heater as like  Panasonic (DH-3JL2P). This device will give you a fresh & new experience in your shower. In this winter when you are thinking to buy a new Instant Water Heater; a question may appear in your mind that- is it suitable for Bangladesh? The answer is  YES. For most of the families in Bangladesh are joint family and every family has Aged person and its always better to take shower with worm water. The weather of Bangladesh is not stable and as we already discussed about the “Advantages of Taking Shower with hot water“. This is suitable for Oldest member of the family; beside that if you have Allergy, sinus or skin problem then its always suggested to take bath with worm water always regardless any season.

This devise is very much suitable for the Bangladesh, Specially when the Siberian air flowing up on the Bangladesh during winter. Then you automatically adjusted with the hot water. You can take this water for those days for nice and comfortable feelings.

Instant water heater

Now lets have a look at the features of Panasonic DH-3JL2P Instant  Water Heater. The features are so amazing that you must impressed by this. The first question you may ask about the Instant  water heater is about the performance and does it really make hot water instantly? The answer is YES! This instant water heater is able to produce up to 50 degree Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) where human body temperature is 33 degree Celsius (92 Fahrenheit) which is good enough to take shower.

Key Features of Instant Water Heater DH-3JL2:

  • Power Consumption: 3.5Kw (3500 Watts)
  • Comes with hand shower
  • This product is made in Malaysia
  • It is designed as streamlined so that it save 10% of area
  • It has 9 safety features
  • The whole body made by the plastic
  • Weight is 1.8 kg
  • Easy Install &  relocate
  • Outlook is appear with the white color
  • AC 220v/ 50Hz power source

Those are the major features of the Panasonic DH-3JL2P Instant  Water Heater. This device is easy to use and very convenient to re-locate. At the same time, when you are making your decision about this product then you may order online of visit our office to see the product physically.

If you ask us question that, whether you should purchase this product or not? We will recommend you to consider few things- If you considering to buy a traditional Geyser or if you want to replace that then definitely you should buy this Panasonic Instant Water heater and here is the major reason to buy this-

  • Energy saver
  • Less Space Required
  • Easy to install and re-locate
  • Smart and Latest Technology

The last thing is about the price of Panasonic DH-3JL2P Instant  Water Heater. The price of Panasonic DH-3JL2P Instant  Water Heater is 12,000 to 12,500 BDT for current best price you may visit DH-3JL2P Water Heater.

In conclusion, we will request you either you buy this Water heater or not buy better to buy Instant Shower heater than traditional Geyser; trust me it will save your Utility bill over the time. You really don’t need to waste your money and time on geyser to make your Oju and boil 50 liter of water. Go for this and get exactly what you need.