Q&Q Watch in Bangladesh

Q&Q is a world renowned brand from entry level to mid-level of wrist watches. Q&Q is a japan based watch manufacturer and they have branch office and factory in mainland China as well. They have several series of watches for all age of gents, ladies, kids and students in analog, digital and analog-digital and stop watch. With good battery life and affordable price Q&Q become one of the top most affordable brands of watches in Bangladesh.

Q&Q Bangladesh

Q&Q Gents watch:

Q&Q Gents watch in BD

With various design and technology Q&Q manufacturing many models of gents watches. Q&Q has Analog watches with leather, resin and stainless steel strap. Gents are always loved to wear some heavy in size watches that’s why they introduced new series called Attractive Series of Q&Q watches. In this series they made some fantastic combination of technology and design with multi-function features. Q&Q gents watch comes with waterproof range from 30 meter to 100 meter depending on the models.

Q&Q Women Watch:

Q&Q Ladies Watch in BD

With lots of shiny and dazzling stone and pearl design Q&Q ladies watches meet the new level of excellence. With gorgeous stone they introduce some unique design of watches for women. Most importantly the Q&Q women’s watch is very affordable in price for the entry and mi-level of consumers. Some of the model comes with gold plated and with stone with is really very attractive to the women community worldwide.

Q&Q Watch for Kids:

Q&Q Kids watch

Kids always want to follow elders and they look everything what elders do even they try to get a watch for them as like mom or dad. Here is another great invention of Q&Q watches. They are the top watch manufacturer for kid’s watches. Kids are always used to play with water and dirt’s; Q&Q kid’s watches are waterproof and nice in color. With various cartoon design and color combination Q&Q watches for kids win the mind of both girl and boys.

Q&Q Students watch:

Q&Q Student Watch in BD

Student life is the life where time is more important, those students who care about the time and do regular study with punctuality they make them successful if their life. To be a good and regular student first thing is to be punctual and should be on time. Those students who use wrist watch are more attentive and more confident. They can schedule & balance their study time and play time if they have a nice watch on their hand. Q&Q has invented some exclusive models focusing on students brilliantly. In digital versions of Q&Q watches have multiple alarms to wake up online on the morning. Students often need to check the time while they are in the exam room. It’s a must have gadget to maintain exam time to finish all the answers from the exam sheet.

Q&Q Watches in Bangladesh:

Q&Q Attractive series watch in BD

In Bangladesh Q&Q watches has a good reputation due to good quality and longer life. It runs longer time and price is very affordable as compared to other watch brands. In bdshop.com we have introduces full range of Q&Q watches including gents, ladies, kids and student watches. As you may already knew that we are dealing with only reputed brands and we do sale only original products and we do deliver the products home delivery in Dhaka and across the country by courier service. If you are looking for a Q&Q watch in Bangladesh with very affordable price and in authentic piece, we assure you will get full of satisfaction with our service and product quality.

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