Best Sellers Casio Wrist Watch in Bangladesh

Best sellers in BD

Today we will discuss which model of Casio watch is most suitable for you from the various series of Casio wrist watch. Casio has lots of series or brands in their portfolio. Every weeks they launch new Casio wrist watch in the market. With huge selection and for different segment of  Casio Wrist Watch technology they are introducing new series of watches according to the consumer demand. To buy a Casio wrist watch, just take a look here, here we will discuss about the best Sellers Casio wrist watch brand in Bangladesh.

Casio Edifice:

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The Casio Edifice wrist watch is an advanced technological timepiece. This nice Casio wrist watch is a combination of innovative technologies, intelligent functionality and sporty elegance. The Casio wrist watch can be controlled via Bluetooth. The wrist watch also has smart access feature. By this feature one can control the device by compatible Smartphone. Some remarkable features of this watch are easy to adjust world time, alarm and operate with other functions.

Casio G-Shock:

g-7900a-4-3 in BD

Casio G Shock is a dream of a developer. Mr Lbe had a dream to make a watch that never breaks. To do that he tried hard. He tested more than 200 handmade Casio wrist watch to destruction. At last the success came in 1983 G Shock hit Japanese street the toughest wrist watch in the world. Every Casio G-Shock has 7 elements like electric shock resistance, low temperature, gravity resistance, water resistance, vibration resistance, shock resistance and toughness. So it can be said that every G- shock is packed with Mr Lbe’s mantra ‘never, never give up’.

Casio Data Bank:

dbc-611-1 in BD

Casio data bank series is a wrist watch that has its own storage capability. By using this watch you can store telephone numbers, email addresses. There has a calculation feature also on the watch. Databank watches first launched in 1984. There are two models of this series, which has TV/VC remote control option.

Casio Beside:

bem-506gl-1av in BD

Casio beside series is another nice option to select. Mineral glass is used in this wrist watch. Beside this feature partial iron plated, retrograde dial, screw lock back case or bezel material, stainless steel are some awesome features of this wrist watch. This watch also have 50 meters deep water resistance.

Casio Out Gear:


Casio out gear wrist watch is a pretty looking wrist watch. Mineral crystal is used in this wrist watch. Out gear has 100 meters water resistance. The case diameter of this watch is 41 mm.

Beside these nice brands Casio has lots of other brands. All brands have some great features. We will know more about other Casio brands on our next post.

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