Glue Sticks for Hot Melt Glue Gun

Glue Gun Stick

Hot Melt Glue Stick for Glue Gun

A Glue gun is a very useful and handy gadget for making or repairing or bonding plastics, toys, ornaments, wood, metal, fabric etc. Glue gun uses Glue Sticks as adhesive. It’s safe and easy to work for professional or hobby projects. Glue Gun Sticks are made with soft and little sticky rubber.

There are several types of a Glue gun. Glue sticks are made for different purposes. But in general, glue sticks are with Diameter 0.439 inch & Length 8 inch. Glue sticks are often sold as group or bundles like 10pcs or 20pcs or even more counts.

Glue Stick in BD

Hot Gun Glue Stick Price in Bangladesh

In general product, price depends on the quality and quantity. If you want to buy small quality like 20pcs of Hot Melt Glue Sticks then it will a good decision to buy from us at a better price than others. We make it bundle offer with a minimum possible price cap.

Where I found glue gun in Bangladesh?

You can found glue gun and glue sticks infamous departmental stores but the best and easy option to order it online. You can buy it at the best price in Bangladesh at and get home or office delivery. There is another option to collect it directly from office-

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