Top Fashionable Watches 2015

Casual Watches

Top Fashionable Watches 2015:

Fashion is such a regular practice that everyone is following in their daily life. From dress to shoes from hair to nail every fashion concern people are trying to dress them up with a small difference than others. Today we will try to figure out how a suitable wrist watch can change your style with and make you more confident to boost your attitude. Also find out the way to select the most suitable watch for the correct occasion and take-up: have a look at the year’s best luxury, formal, casual & colourful watches manufactured of everything from them silicon to titanium and stainless steel and most importantly available in Bangladesh in authentic piece. Here we will discuss about the Top Fashionable Watches 2015 and hope it will help you to choose the right one for you.

Dress watch in BD

Watch is a really powerful conception or ornaments for both ladies and gents, which makes people on time and more cultured with style. Now a day most the people used to have so many digital gadgets like- Tab, Computer, Smart phone, Smart glasses, iPad, iPod and many more. So they’ve lots of choices to know the time right? Then why they will need a wrist-watch?

AE-1000W-1B in BD

Especially a person not only applying watches to see or monitor the times, He or She also to show their own attitude, passion and status as well. You will be also agreeing with us that a hand without anything and a hand with a nice wrist watch will definitely make the difference. So, be choosy about to select the right watch for you that really fit on your style carefully.

What’s Your Style?

If you are mode of party or if you going to office or even if you are going to filed to play then you should be thinking to have different choice of watches. Casual wrist-watch that color-match your dresses, waist belt and footwear to bold, formal wrist-watch that complete a stylish getup for an important social occasion or office, styles and colors in the realm of  men & women wrist-watches. If you are a sporty or like to be hip-hop or DJ then you should be looking for big and colorful watches that will makes you visible to the world. If you are a bike rider then you will be interested to have a digital and big display watch with light weight. Casio, Pulsar, Citizen, Seiko dominate the marketplace with universally stylish men or women watches for formal or sport wear.

bem-506gl-1av in BD

So, here is the question- What type of dress do you wear mostly? How about colors? Choose watches that become best with the fits you generally wear that particularly goes for watches that were configured with a unique solid color or a two-tone design. If you are a middle aged government job holder you might be wearing an elegant watch with leather belt or clean display watch where an army person may still look for a multifunctional digital watch with temperature, altitude, direction that will make them more accurate in their mission.

Casual vs. Dress Watches:

All of the time we know that there has dissimilarity between the Casual vs. Dress watches and styles. Casual watches are for daily use, such as recreational events and work, whereas dress watches are for especial occasions or party like- marriage ceremony, birthday etc. So, be patience to choose your wrist watch according to the environment. If you wear a large & funky colorful watch in your interview board, there is a chance you will be fired before getting the job. Joking Ha ha!!

Shakib Al Hasan BDSHOP
Shakib Al Hasan- Photo Credit: YouTube

If we consider some very important and very know person who make us proud as Bangladeshi, who is very much famous in Bangladesh cricket team and have millions of fan worldwide Mr. Shakib Al Hasan, you will often found him with some sort of Casual watches when he is in the field for practice or for the match but when he attends some family party or any special ceremony he often used to wear very luxurious stainless steel belt watch- that actually fits him better isn’t it? Yes he knows the difference between Casual & dress watches and that’s why he is all-rounder!!