How to Measure Perfect Bra Size

Here We will show Three Simple Steps “How to Measure Perfect Bra Size“?

If you are looking for a Bra for you it may often happened that you know your Bra size and 2 months back you bought new Bra that was perfect and yesterday you bought new Bra with same size as your earlier Bra but after getting the item on your hand when you give a trial it’s not fitting as you was expecting. Now what to do? So, It’s very important for everybody to provide you with tips to get an accurate measurement for your Bra! Here is the simple Measurement with three-step process which consists of measuring the under bust so that you can determine the band size, and the bust at fullest to determine the cup size.

For women and it is common that, Cup and Bust size could be vary person to person and it may also change time to time. So, its important and recommended to measure your Bra size again before buying new Bra online. 


Here we will discuss how you can measure your perfect bra size at your home. You will need a simple cloth measuring tape, pen and a piece of paper to get the perfect measurement of your current Bra size.


  1. Determine Band Size:

First thing first, Wrap your measuring tape around your rib-cage, directly and evenly under your bust. Take note that numbers!


  1. Determine Cup Size:

Gently wrap the measuring tape around your chest, so that the measuring tape crosses over the full part of your bust.  Hold securely, not so tightly! Again note that number you found from this measurement!

  1. Find Your Fit:

Now refer to the bellow “Bra Measurement Chart” using the above measurements you found for your band and cup size to find your perfect match!

Perfect Bra Measurement Chart (Inches):


Hope above simple tips will help you get your next How to Measure Perfect Bra Size and definitely that will makes you more confident and will give you better look to feel the beauty of your Perfect Bra.