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Club Points

If you are shopping regularly with BDSHOP.COM you may notice there is small notice for each product as “Earn XYZ Club Points” when you purchase any product. In this article, we will be discussing about all which is relevant to our Club Points and how to earn and where you can spend these Club points. Let get start-

Our Club Points model is super simple. There are no complex calculations. You will earn 10% of club points for your every purchase from BDSHOP.COM for example, if you buy a product value 10,000 Taka you will be earning 1,000 Club points to your account. And these 1,000 Club Points equal to 100 Taka which can be used for your next purchases within 30 Days from the date of receiving the club points.

Product Price 10,000 Taka = 1,000 Club Points = 100 Taka

It’s simple and easy to calculation. You don’t have to worry about the minimum or maximum limits of the order amounts. It’s straight and equals for all products.

BD SHOP Club Points- Every Shopping will be rewarded ❤️

We are well known for Authentic Products from the very first day we have started our journey in 2014. In past years, we have are very glad to get huge numbers of loyal customers from the whole of Bangladesh. We are, the whole BDSHOP Family, very much grateful to all of our customers who have supported us to come to this position today. Thank you!

We are in This is a very Special Reward program for all new and existing customers of BDSHOP.COM You will earn a handsome amount of Club Points when you buy any products from BD SHOP. If you are not yet signed up- Please do it NOW to avail of this exclusive reward point for FREE. You can use this Free Club Points to buy Products or to pay for the Shipping Costs. Before buying any products, now you will see a sign just below the product price how much you are going to earn by purchasing that product. For all our valued and loyal customers, we have started this reward program to make your purchase more rewarding. 

Earn Club Points

Membership & Reward Program:

We have five different levels of membership which based on shopping history for the past 30 days. The membership tier will be automatically updated based on the Club Points. Here is a little more about the benefits of each membership category. 

Starter Membership: 

This is the first step of BD SHOP Club Points membership and every new customer who has signed up to our store will be in this member segment. Even if you didn’t buy anything from BD SHOP yet. It’s a good start to register and then start shopping instead of guest shopping. 

Bronze Membership:

When you will have 1000 Club points your membership badge will be changed from Starter to Bronze Automatically. Bronze Member will get more club points for writing product reviews after purchase and from other criteria.

Silver Membership:

When you will gain 10,000 Club Points your membership will be changed from Bronze to Silver automatically. You will earn even more in this segment.

Gold Membership:

Gold membership means you are a special customer to us. In this segment, you will get priority customer support, faster delivery and you will be awarded more for shopping at BDSHOP.COM when you will gain 1,00,000 Club Points you will get this privilege to get a gold membership.

Platinum Membership:

Platinum membership is the highest level of membership. When you will gain 5,00,000 Club Points your membership will be changed to Platinum Membership automatically.

How to Earn BDSHOP Club Points?

There are several ways to earn Club Points. Here is a few of them-

  • Buy any products and Earn 10% of the product price. Which means you will earn 100 points for every 1000 Taka products.
  • After Purchasing a product, write a review and you will earn at least 100 Club Points and a maximum of 1000 Club points depending on your membership.

How to Check Club Point Status?

You can check your club point status by visiting after login to your account and navigate to My Account > Club Points from the top menu or My Account > My Reward Points from the account dashboard.

BD SHOP Club Point Status

Terms and Conditions for BD SHOP Club Point and Membership:

  • 10 Points are equals to 1 Taka. That means if you have 1000 club points it equals 100 Taka.
  • You will earn Club Points for different activities in BDSHOP.COM which is not limited
  • Your earned Club Points must need to redeem within 30 days of the date of earning. 
  • Club Points will be invalid after 30 days for each earning
  • You redeem this club points to buy products or for shipping cost online only
  • Phone order or other ways of order won’t be eligible for Club points
  • Club points can’t be exchanged with cash or can’t be transferred to others
  • BDSHOP.COM reserved the right to stop or hold or cancel this program without any prior notice.

How to Redeem Club Points?

You can redeem your Club Points to your next purchase. You can also use partial or full of your Club Points. Like if you have 5000 Club points, then you can either use full 5000 or you can use partial 1000 or any other amounts during the checkout process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why my Club Point shows Pending?

Ans: When you placed an order, it shows the club point as pending. Once the delivery is done and we complete the order then the Club point status will release to your account. Then it will show as available and you can use it for your next purchase.

Is there any expiration date on the Club Points?

Ans: Yes! it’s 30 Days from the date of availability. Please be noted it’s not counted from the date of order but it’s counted from the date of Order Completed. Moreover, you will get an email notification when the club points will be added to your account. And it will give reminder email notification two days before it expires.

How can I spend this Club Points?

Ans: You can spend your available Club Points to purchase any products from BDSHOP.COM and the minimum amount should be divided by 10 Taka. For example, you can spend 90 Taka equals club points but you can’t spend 89 Taka equals club points.

How Trustworthy and Robust Your Club Points Method and Technology?

Ans: As of the current eCommerce industry, Magento is the pioneer for its robust CMS. We are using their Latest Magento 2.3 which comes with the most secure and advanced shopping cart technology in this current world. We also want to share one of the most popular and world-known Magento Developer Company Mirasvit for this excellent Reward Point extension. They are very good for Native Magento Extension developer and we are happy to work with their technical support and the ease of extension uses.