Sony 3D Glasses in Bangladesh

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Tricks to get Working Sony 3D Glasses at Cheap!

If you are here to know how to save money on buying “Sony 3D Glasses” for your Sony 3D TV, Then you are in the right place to know all about. You can save around 7000 Taka for 2piecs of Sony 3D Glasses- Keep reading 🙂

If you have a 3D TV, then you must need several pairs of 3D Glasses. In Bangladesh, most of the family have TV. Most importantly 3D TV is getting popular day by day in Bangladesh. According to our observation, Sony TV is the most popular among other brands. But the problem is so expensive. Retailers are selling a single Sony 3D Glass more than 5000 Taka. Which is really expensive if you compared to other brands.

So, what’s the solution?

We have some good news for you. If you can double check your TV’s model number and check the 3D technology or else Check the TV box or on the manuals, if there is written “Active Shutter 3D” Then you are ready to go with this tricks!!

Sony 3D Glasses

How to Buy Sony 3D Glasses at a cheap price?

Again, if your TV has Active Shutter 3D then you are open to buying any other branded 3D Glasses, but please keep in mind- You must need to purchase a 3D Active Shutter Supported 3D Glass for your Sony TV. Most of the latest Sony 3D TV that doesn’t come with Sony 3D Glasses but has Active Shutter will work this tricks.


OK! In that case, you may try Samsung Branded 3D Active Shutter Glass which works with SONY TV, and it’s proven. We have sold may pair from our, and every single unit is working properly. But yes that also true, in some cases, the supplied battery from the Samsung itself was down. Since it comes with a sealed pack, so we are unable to test the battery. But the good news is, you will be able to buy a battery of Battery from any watch shop or departmental store at less than 50 Taka.

Sony Compatible 3D Glasses

Fortunately, this trick will save more than 7000 Taka for a pair of Sony 3D Glasses. It will work exactly same and that is the reason lot’s of Sony TV users are buying this Samsung 3D Glass instead of buying Sony 3D Glasses.

Isn’t it a good Tricks to have two 3D sunglasses for Sony 3D TV at 1/3 of payment? YES! It is for sure. So, now the question is where to buy this Samsung 3D glasses that works with Sony 3D TV? Good question and here is the solution. You can order it online by Visiting Samsung 3D glasses that also works with Sony TV, and you will get it home or office delivery across Bangladesh withing 3 to 72 hours.