4G Mobile Internet Impact on eCommerce in Bangladesh

4G Impact on eCommerce

eCommerce fully depends on the internet. It’s not possible to imagine the eCommerce business model without the internet. In Bangladesh, Besides the broadband internet, eCommerce industry got an extra wing with the blessings of 3G mobile internet in the last couple of years. Now, more than 70% of the eCommerce buyers are from various mobile devices.

In 2015 to 2016 Mobile penetration is huge for eCommerce globally. Mobile Apps is most popular in most cases. With the high-speed mobile internet, it will capture more market share in coming days. Google also forcing Webmaster’s to optimize their sites for mobile devices.

Dhaka is the megacity with more than 1.5 crore people. With huge traffic in the roads and shopping malls, people start responding to Online Shopping BD. eCommerce industry in Bangladesh has become more than 1000 crores (!) turnover yearly. More than 70% of the shopping done from the smartphone or similar devices. According to the experts, This industry will get bigger hit on launching the 4G mobile internet. The growth rate of mobile internet users with 3G penetration is huge in eCommerce.

Everyone hate slow internet, No one loves a slower website too. So, with 4G mobile internet you will be able to surf 10x faster than 3G mobile internet on your 4G mobile.

According to the industry experts, This eCommerce industry will get bigger hit on launching the 4G mobile internet. According to Mr. Razib Ahmed, President of e-Cab (eCommerce association of Bangladesh)- “4G internet is need of time for Bangladeshi e-commerce industry. Graphics-rich content and videos are still not suitable for the 3G internet that we have right now. Secondly, if 4G comes in urban areas than the price of 3G will become totally affordable to everyone- especially the people living in remote and rural areas. So, a big change will happen overnight which will definitely help eCommerce industry as well“.

Razib Ahmed


Are we ready to welcome 4G mobile internet?

Do you what is the Next Big Thing for the eCommerce industry in Bangladesh? Yes! you heard right that is 4G mobile internet. According to the BTRC and Mobile operators, the infrastructures are almost ready to launch 4G in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, currently, a huge number of smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Micromax Mobile with 4G LTE enabled. That means the users are ready to welcome 4G internet. If you look into the below screenshot from an eCommerce site, you will find more than 80% of the users are using coming for high-end Android devices.

mobile user in bangladesh
eCommerce user flows from different mobile devices.

Just imagine once, when you will have a smartphone with 4G internet- you will be able to browse any eCommerce site faster. That means you will be able to check and compare more products at the same time you are doing now. 4G internet will be 10x faster. So the calculation is very clear- if you can

If you look for the answer, What is the biggest problem for expanding eCommerce in Bangladesh? You will find few answers and affordable internet is one of the tops of the list. eCommerce business fully depends on the internet, not only for the business owners but also need for the end users. Affordable internet means, the comfortable speed with an affordable price cap.

4G internet

What’s the Impact of 4G internet on eCommerce in Bangladesh?

If we look into our neighbor countries like India, you will find there is a high impact on 4G internet on eCommerce. Users are getting a better experience. They are able to surf different eCommerce sites more swiftly. They can compare and choose the right product more conveniently. In Bangladesh, users are ready, operators are almost ready- just we are waiting for the sunlight. Trust me, it will change the scenario of the whole eCommerce industry overnight. But, yes it is also important to have the 4G internet with the affordable monthly budget.

Last year, Leading ICT solution provider Huawei from China has announced the fourth generation of mobile Data technology could double the internet users of Bangladesh. They also said Bangladesh is ready to experience 4G LTE.

4G Internet in bangladesh
Photo Credit: TheDailyStar.net

Most of the internet users in Bangladesh are young, they are more curious to know about new technology and products. With the latest technology of 4G LTE, young generation will be able to do even more. Online Shopping will be the next destination. An eCommerce company will also be prepared to handle that extra traffic. Faster internet means, a faster site that means better user experience.


Besides Facebook, news and press media and other social media- eCommerce industry will be more diversified. More users will be connected even from the rural areas. The eCommerce market will be at least 4x bigger than current days. Faster 4G mobile internet will definitely boost the eCommerce market and will generate more ideas of online shopping. We are very hopeful to get better speed with affordable price which will help the total internet users experience.