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The beginning of a lifestyle, Online Shopping BD!

If you ask an expert- Which sector is the most immersing and has good future in Bangladesh? You will get 8/10 points for Online Business, that means for eCommerce. But did you really know how this industry came to this stage? What’s the real prospects for Online Shopping BD from rural to urban areas? What are the practical problems in the eCommerce industry in Bangladesh? Well, we will discuss here and you just need to keep reading till the end line. If you have very little time, don’t forget to bookmark this page to read later. So, shall we start?

With the introduction of the e-commerce protocol and 3G mobile internet, online shopping BD is extremely popular. The online shoppingĀ in Bangladesh is advancing 15% to 20% every year! With a growing market of around 2 Billion Bangladeshi Taka driving the industry. Advancement is all but inevitable. The market itself has around 147 Billion Bangladeshi Taka worth of products listed for sale online!

Whats including this numerous numbers of sale?

Well, here is some clue that will open your eyes. We often think selling T-Shirts, Gadgets, Mobiles, Laptops is only under the eCommerce and that’s why we are wrong in most cases. Then what else included for Online Shopping BD includes? OK! here are few examples that we should consider too šŸ˜€

  • Online Food Deliveries
  • Bus & TrainsĀ tickets
  • Online Mobile Recharge or Top up
  • Utility bills, Internet bills paid online
  • School, College or other education fees etc.

online shop in bd

More and more people in Bangladesh are surfing the web. They are using the resources at their disposal to purchase a huge variety of items. From everyday clothing to personal toiletries. An enormous amount of different electronics and utility items. With a significant amount of the population even embracing the Internet as a source to buy gifts for their friends and loved ones. Residents are becoming used to the idea of online shopping BD!

What makes Online Shopping in Bangladesh runs as a Rocket?

There are many factors but I will mention only one and that is high-speed mobile internet and smartphone penetration. Millions of users using their smartphones to surf internet and Online Shopping BD made an easy option for them.

Online Shopping mostly depends on Trust. What are the steps taken to make Online Shopping BD more secure?

There are lots of precaution has been taken by the eCommerces business owners. Here are few of them but not the least-

  • Secure Server with HTTPS
  • Secure Online Payment Gateway for Debit or Credit Cards
  • Cash on Delivery system makes buyer more secure
  • Better and realistic Product Photography

A lot of Bangladeshi residents began using this style of shopping in 2006. But, now it is safe to say that a majority of the country consists of people that are involved in shopping online in one form or another.

It all began with the introduction of “CellBazaar” by “Grameenphone.” But now they are absolutely saturated with an enormous amount of free classified websites and online marketplaces that give them every opportunity to obtain what they need or want. But they didn’t always have so many choices! Let’s check out some of the first and best options for online shopping in Bangladesh.

How Facebook impact on Online Shopping BD?

There is no myth but it’s true that lot’s of internet users in Bangladesh then start their internet journey with Facebook. There is no doubt more than 90% of the internet users also using Facebook.

Obviously, Facebook has a big impact on online shopping in Bangladesh. Huge numbers of the traffic are driven from Facebook to the website. In most cases or 60% of the online sales are happening on Facebook itself. There is more than 3000 active Facebook page who sales products online. This industry is known as F-Commerce.

There are many F-Commerce businesses who don’t even have any office and website. They are doing Online business from their home. The number is still high.

eCommerce Delivery in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh eComerce industry On time delivery is the main issue now. According to the eCommerce experts, more than 20,000 parcels are delivering across the country every day. Most of the delivery is happening in the major cities like- Dhaka City, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Rajshahi and other major district level cities.

Still, eCommerce delivery Companies are not ready to deliver the eCommerce parcel to the villages. Where more than 70% of the total citizens are living in the villages. Experts expecting the eCommerce market size will be 4x (4 times) if we can cover delivery to the village level. Online Shopping BD will be more popular when most of the villages also will be connected to get the delivery.

ecommerce delivery in bd

Problems of eCommerce Delivery in Bangladesh

There are lots of potentials in this sector. Lot’s of energetic young start-ups are coming with innovative ideas. Some of them are coming forward with automation and other new technologies for the logistics system.

Still, there are huge problems for the eCommerce deliveries. Especially on time delivery is the big issues to the buyers. Since Cash on Delivery (COD) still having more than 90% of the total transaction of the eCommerce deliveries and on time payment from the Delivery company to the merchant is another big issues. Here is the at a glance of the major problems of eCommerce deliveries in Bangladesh-

  • On time delivery
  • Lake of online Tracking or Real-time parcel tracking
  • Cash on Delivery– Since buyer don’t have to pay in Advance. So often they changed their mind before getting the delivery.
  • Incomplete or wrong delivery address
  • Not picking up phones
  • Communication gap

How to order online and pay Cash on Delivery in Bangladesh?

Cash on Delivery is one of the most popular payment systems in Bangladesh. users can order via online, phone or Facebook and when the product arrives, customer checks the item and pay the amount in Cash.


Let’s have a flashback how this industry got wings in past few years. Online Shopping BD was not welcomed at all at the beginning stage and it took more than a decade to come into today’s stage.

Before 2000, if we mansion exact year then in 1999 was the first eCommerce venture in Bangladesh. But due to many obstacles, they stop their operations. After that, many other’s has tried many times but was not able to see the face of light.

Let’s start with from where people of Bangladesh start knowing about eCommerce or online Shopping in Bangladesh.

Top 10 eCommerce sites list in Bangladesh:

Considering present days or business here is the top 10 eCommerce site list. This list considering many factors and models including product variations, visitors, sales, and influential factors which are potentials to make an eCommerce business successful. This list may get changed the time to time but as of today’s market scenario, these are the online shopping BD sites who is doing really great with their awesome product line, customer support, after-sales support and strong marketing policy.


In the above list, there are few companies belongs to a Group of companies. This is a good sign that local big players also involving in this sector.

When Amazon and Alibaba coming to Bangladesh market?

According to few top personnel, this news is quite true. Maybe in coming year or by 2018 there will be some big players like, and maybe some other big players also will be here. Even they will come here, they will start as marketplace model. They will work with local small and medium size companies. So, there will be a good time and the market will be expanded by several times.


eCommerce Product Sourcing in Bangladesh

If you look back 4/5 years back you will find all eCommerce sites was full of Chinese gadget items, T-Shirts and so on. But now the time has changed and the scenario of the eCommerce market is totally changed. You will find expensive Cars, Flats, iPhones, MacBooks, HD LED TVs, AC, Fridge and lot more.

Now, The platform of Online Shopping BD is more challenging for the eCommerce business entrepreneurs.Ā Instead of selling Fake/Replica or Cheap Chinese products now the race has begun to introduce new and world class branded products.

Still, as a buyer, you will need to double check if you are looking for Authentic products. In that case, it would be better to avoid marketplaces Since they don’t have full control over their merchants. And you may get the wrong item by the 3rd party sellers.


eCommerce Product Photography in Bangladesh

If anyone asks me what is the major improvement in the eCommerce sector in last 5 years? I will definitely emphasize on the product photography. Now, almost every serious eCommerce entrepreneurs have their own facility of product photography (Small or big or even with 3rd party). Every e-commerce owners are now serious about it.

Online Shopping got extra wings with better and real photography. If you have a smartphone, you can do better product photography with your smartphones. In few cases, you may make small product video or video review or product unboxing video to make the buyer or visitors more interactive.


The First Online Marketplace in Bangladesh!

As stated above, was initially opened by “Grameenphone,” the largest mobile phone operator in Bangladesh at the time. Opening its websites doors in 2006 as “CellBazaar.” It wasn’t long before it was successful and caught the eye of some investors. The company acquired in 2014 by “Telenor” and their partner company “Schibsted.” Schibsted merged with a company called Naspers and combined forces with Telenor, turning into “SnT Classified.” Online Shopping BD got flarished with TV ads starting by CellBazaar.


The CellBazaar website caught their attention after serving over four million users, turning the internet site into a precious enterprise. When the site changed hands, it also changed in name, reflecting a traditional Bengali term.

Ekhanai stands for “Right Here,” signifying to its Bangli customers that they can get everything they want or need, “Right Here.” Their website slogan says that “Ekhanai is the fastest, easiest, most convenient way to buy & sell anything in Bangladesh.” It was the first and the biggest website available that offered a marketplace open to everyone after all!

The company provides Internet users in Bangladesh with the ability to buy and sell an enormous variety of products. Real Estate Property, Gadgets & Utility Items, different types of Vehicles, Personal Items and Toiletries, Tickets for events and even allows them to post classified ads for Jobs!

It truly is a one-stop shopping experience for their Bengali customers and is rated as the top shopping site in Bangladesh. Its hard to beat the very first online marketplace for shopping online in Bangladesh ever introduced. But, even though it was the first of its kind and the longest running online marketplace available in Bangladesh, they had no idea what they had started, or what was about to happen with the industry they had created.

Here comes Bikroy!

The first to decide to join in on the fun was Bikroy launched their original website in 2012 as a rival to Ekhanai. The site also serves up a variety of items. But it went a step further and put particular emphasis or focus on both private and business opportunities to present to its customers. Online Shopping BD Something that hadn’t been offered until now!

Bikroy’s slogan made bold claims, “The Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh.” But it served its purpose by giving yet another platform to the Bengali that was pretty much exactly like Ekhanai. But, Bikroy also had a bit of a twist that made it unique, and it showed almost immediately.


The thing that singled out Bikroy was that everyone who had access to the Internet was able to place ads on the site that lasted 60-days for FREE. Bikroy was also heralded as the first website in Bangladesh to offer bilingual listings, in both English and Bengali. The bilingual ads ended up giving the company a huge leg up on its competition. Media spotlight soon followed, and another mega-giant in the online marketplace for Bangladesh was born.

The emergence of Bikroy ended up splitting the market. The vehicle sales, property listings, various electronics, home appliances, personal & toiletry items, sports equipment, ticket sales, and even classified ads for jobs easily began to split between two heavy-hitting competitors. These online companies gained even more strength and attracted even more business to Bangladesh!

Lamudi begins with a narrowed focus for their website!

In 2013 entered the fray offering a dedicated online real estate marketplace. With more of a focused approach to their website, they were able to reach a high level of success in spite of the continued advancement of both Ekhanai and Bikroy.

Like a few of these other companies, Lamudi combined with five other companies so that they could accomplish their goals. Lamudi, Vamido, Ubilista, Zamudi and House were all combined to create Lamudi as we know it today. This combination created a powerhouse that had the ability to move forward and accomplish many of their ambitions.

Merging these businesses into one gave them the capacity to offer the over-all best and highest quality listings to its customers. Lamudi now had access to operations in 34 different countries. Advancing their position by cutting into Ekhanai and Bikroy local listings considerably and possibly giving the entire system, even more, opportunities to grow. Even with all they had accomplished to date, they hadn’t finished yet!

lamudi bd


In 2014 Lamudi launched their on iOS and Android site to pursue mobile customers with the world’s first Android App. Lamundi’s mobile app was designed to give international house-hunting customers a free mobile platform to purchase or rent properties. The release of the Android Mobile App increased their reach exponentially! But, again, they weren’t done yet!

They followed up by releasing their iOS App that covered sales for properties in 11 other countries. Which now gave their mobile applications the ability to reach the company’s entire global network. A network that now covered every single country in Asia, Africa, and the whole Middle East. You can see how big this is getting up to this point and Bangladesh’s online shopping experience is gaining more speed as these companies make advancements as well.

Carmudi emerges as an authority on vehicles!

Also in 2013, became available for online shopping Bangladesh. They offered customers an increased focus on providing the best possible pricing on several different types of vehicles. Every single motorized vehicle you can think of became available to a wider customer base almost overnight.

With Carmudi also merging four different companies into one. Carmido, Ubilista, and Myanmar combined resources with Carmudi in 2013 and began to expand rapidly. With a reported 200% growth rate every month in 2014 and 100,000 listings around the world, Carmudi was unstoppable.

They started by expanding operations in Asia with their first $10 million in funding and again in 2015 with an additional $25 million for further improvements in both Asia and Mexico. Their operations were expanding beyond comprehension for Online Shopping BD. With their expansion came an opportunity for Bangladesh and their online shopping experience to improve even further!

Carmudi also decided to break into the mobile industry to advance their sales worldwide. Making their products and services available to the world by creating an Android App. Their Android App served a majority of the countries in which they operated in during 2014 and continued to grow.

Carmudi became a major part of international auto sales. Online Shopping BD Sales which led them to win the “Portal of the Year” award in 2015 and having several other divisions within the company win several different awards for performance. Their popularity soared, bringing opportunity and growth wherever they decided to set up shop.

Kaymu opens up with a unique platform of their own!

Kaymu initially opened their first online marketplace in 2013. It only took them 27 months to go way beyond their expectations. Soon they were able to extend their reach to 32 other countries, including Bangladesh!

While they didn’t expand their reach to Bangladesh until 2015, they were instantly successful and operations soared. began serving their unique platform to Bangladesh. This Online Shopping BD system allowed both C2C and B2C products to be sold and allowed these buyers and sellers to meet to discuss and finalize deals on items they wanted.

C2C is Customer to Customer sales, while B2C is Business to Customer sales. Both are allowed and encouraged through Kaymu’s online market system. Offering customers a larger variety and bigger selection than ever before.

Their marketplace includes different fashion items, current mobile phone resources, some unique jewelry options, and various appliances. Both new and used items were sold to merchants and customers alike. A system that served to advance online shopping Bangladesh even further.

It doesn’t stop there and increases every year!

While all of the other companies are cropping up in and around Bangladesh, Ehnanai remains an influential leader of the pack. Even though there are a ton of options to purchase through online shopping Bangladesh. Near endless versions of free websites and marketplaces that allow both businesses and customers the access, they need to buy anything and everything they could want or need. They have to make theĀ Online Shopping BD market bigger than ever.

With the sheer volume of sites available online these days, you would have to consider enough is enough. The area is practically overwhelmed with choices today. But, as you can see, classified websites in Bangladesh remain hugely popular.

They provide residents in the area with just about anything you can think of, and it’s growing each and every year. Expansion of each of these companies is highly encouraged and brings prosperity and convenience to the country.

The largest percentage of e-commerce business in Bangladesh or Online Shopping BD are a customer to customer transactions. C2C transactions are serving as the backbone of the business right now. However, there have been vast improvements in business to customer transactions as well, with sales growing every year. E-Commerce fosters competition, expansion and helps improve Bangladesh’s growing market.

But it serves a higher purpose as well. The driving force behind e-commerce organizations within the country is to help provide the government with the infrastructure it needs to organize the expanding number of Internet users. Giving more opportunity and organization to individuals, government facilities and Bangladesh as a country!


With the increase in popularity of online shopping Bangladesh, the country is well on its way, improving more and more each year at an astonishing rate. Before we know it, Bangladesh is going to turn into a real marketing dynamo, turning the world on its head. Each expansion in e-commerce provides Bangladesh, its Government and its Citizens with much-needed improvements.

As companies grow, so does the country and the citizens themselves. While this growth offers opportunities that are simply pouring into the country, providing each person with more quality chances for success and advancement.

Online shopping in Bangladesh provides a much-needed boost to the economy, while also giving the Government assistance and organization. Allowing its population access to goods and services that would have otherwise been unavailable to them, on a level that seems to be compounding yearly.