How to choose right wristwatch band

Various Styles of Metal Watch Bracelets in BD

You must be changing clothes everyday and buying new dresses often, right? Then why don’t you will also think about changing your wrist watch band? Changing a wristband is like breath for new life in an older or worn watch. It gives new look as well as style in an old watch. There are lots of different wristbands are available with different styles. You have to consider some factors to choose right pair of wristband. Today we will discuss and will try to figure out some helpful tips to select the right one for your wrist watch-

Width of a wristband:

Width of Wristband

This is a very important to buy a wristband according to your watch shape and size. It is general that all wrist watches are not compatible with all wristband width. Measure the width of wearer wrist carefully before buying a wristband. If you buy a smaller than the width of wearer wrist watch’s width, it will be unusable, it won’t be fit on the wrist watch body itself. Though smaller wristband may fit with the watch but it is not secure & it can be lose anytime and watch can be lost anywhere middle of the road. So, choose the wristband wisely.

Wristband length:

WatchBand Length

Most wristbands are adjustable. All the watches do not fit for all wristband’s width. Different wrist watches need to get different length’s wristband. So just measure the length of your wrist first and keep some slightly longer length than the exact measure. Most of the wrist watches wearer prefer to have slightly longer length wristband. If the wristbands maximum size is same as wearer size then it will be tight or uncomfortable for you and its not healthy as well. So keep the wrist band slightly lose of the wristband is as a quick solution. On the other hand metal bands have stretch or removal links. So you can shorten the metal band as it fit the best for you. Every metal band has a limit to decrease the length where resin or burrer straps can be adjust easily.

Material of wristband:

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To choose the wristband of the watch it is very important to select the band material. You have to consider this factor carefully. Materials of wristband have an impact on style, fit and feels. You should know the benefits and drawbacks of the materials like- for stainless steel or Chain you will have to fix it first and then you can wear in the other hand you can wear rubber strap or resin strap as it fit because it has several hole to adjust. Resin or Rubber strap is flexible and soft where metal wristband is totally opposite. We will suggest if you are a sports man or love to wear watch most of the time then you may go for resin or rubber straps. 

Leather and Faux leather:

Leather watch wrist belt in BD

Often genuine Leather is used to make wristband for watches. It depends on model to model and there are classification of the quality of the leather as well. These are distinguished traditional materials of wrist watch. Leather and faux leather give a classic, polished look. Both the materials are dyed in bright color. These are flexible and soft, gentle & elegant.

Nylon webbing:

Nylon belt wrist watch in BD

Nylon wristband also known as fabric or cloth band. This material is Waterproof, soft and flexible. Nylon is very suitable to get wet. So a sporty wearer can select this type’s of wristband. This is the perfect choice for the persons who are active or like diving. This wristband also very much famous such countries where humidity is high and people easily get sweat like Bangladesh. In our country this types of wrist band is getting popular due to sporty and students are liked it a lot.

Metal Bands:

Various Styles of Metal Watch Bracelets in BD

All metal bands are made by calf-like bracelets or bendable metal or open link chain and material is metal. Most of the cases for quality wrist watch it used stainless steel bands. This is shiny and very elegant. Mostly its used stainless steel but for some premium and expensive brands they are using titanium for the watch  wrist bands. This type of wrist band is suitable for longevity and elegant looks. 

Ceramics Wristband:

Ceramic Wrist band watch in BD

Ceramics wristbands are more durable than all other. They are featured with stains and scratch resistance. These are lighter as well. Due to dust resistance and shiny elegant looks it used on selected models. White color of ceramic wrist band is more attractive and demanding than other colors. It express style and attitude. Ceramic wrist band is more popular for ladies watches but in many cases it also seen as pair watch which has gents and ladies version of the same model watch.

Silicon Rubber wristband:

Sillicon band wrist watch in BD

Silicon wristbands are soft, lightweight and comfortable to wear. This types of wristband is more popular in recent days and mostly used on sports watches and smart watches. Since this wrist band is safe from sweat and water, its more suitable to jogging or going to gym while the smart watch working for monitoring the hear rate, pedometer and calories burns etc. This is unbeatable for current and future smart watch due to its rough use and very affordable price. 

In this article we was trying to give some overview of various types of wristbands and hope it will definitely help you to choose the right wrist band for your favourite time piece.  If you find something useful about how to choose right wrist watch band, please share and like us as a way to say ‘THANKS’