Water Heater Buying Guide in Bangladesh Perspective


Before Starting:

We will consider you are planning to buy a new Water Heater but if you already have an existing Water Heater at your bath you can still consider our guideline and hope it will help you take a better decision if you are thinking to replace or buy a new Water Heater.

According to our experience, most of the home or flat owners in Bangladesh just bought a new tank to replace the old one. But now you have several options and its time to buy a new & smart water heater to be more energy efficient, buying a new generation water heater like Shower Water Heater just got a little more exciting and possibly a little  expensive but trust me it will save your money for the long run on your Utility Bill over time. If this is your first time to buy a water heater probably you’ll find that you have more choices to buy from. So it’s worth doing a little homework before buying it.


Which Category of Water Heater you should choose?

So, first thing first, you will need to know how many different categories are in the current market and in current day and in the perspective of Bangladesh there is several categories of Water heater sold in the market and we will try to cover all of them with a little brief so that it would be easy for you to take the final decision.

  1. Conventional Electric Water heater:

This is an old and conventional water heater where a big tank fill with water inlet from the main reserver and there is a resistive coil inside the tank. When the power of coil or heater turned on it starts boiling the water and after 10 to 20 minutes (for some high power tank it could be less) it starts heating the entire water on the tank. Now from the outlet of the water heater tank you will get the hot water. Some cases this types of water heater comes with thermostat to control the heat but most of the cases specially for the cheap water heaters there is no heat controlling system. So, it often happen and there is a big chance to got accident if you are not aware of it and if you don’t control the water flow and adjust it manually.

2. Tank-less or Shower Water heater:

This type of water heater is designed to get instant or within few seconds and on demand, means when you need you will get it and in this series of water heater you don’t need to boiled up the whole tank of water. So, literally its very energy efficient and convenient to use inside the bath. This types of water heater also known as tank less water heater. This types of instant water heater is little bit expensive initially but here is few strong points that makes this series most popular worldwide-

  • 20 to 40% Electricity or Energy Efficient
  • Automatic Heat control
  • Shower Flow Control (comes with special design of shower)
  • Boost water flow (Pump version)
  • Several safety features
  • Easy to install and relocate

Energy Efficient Water Heater

Whats the main difference between Conventional and Instant Water heater?

If you already have one or if we consider the number of The majority of homes have conventional water heaters which hold less than 55 gallons of water. If you’re planning to replacing old water heater then new water heaters are more energy-efficient model would be much smaller in size and it could be fit just beside your old shower.  Now a days you really don’t need to set a big tank on the roof or top of your bath that really looks ugly.

Electric Water Heater in BD

The main difference is between tank-less and with tank water heaters as-

  1. Energy efficient:  Tank less water heater is more or less 20 to 40% energy efficient compared to tank water heater.
  2. Smaller in Size: Tank less water heater is smaller in size and could be installed inside the bathroom where conventional tank water heater needs to install in roof top or in separate place.
  3.  Smart Look: instant shower water is designed to be look elegant and it express the attitude and increase the status where conventional tank is a big size tank that can’t be a good option to show off to the visitors.
  4. Safety and security: Instant shower water is more safe and secure than any other conventional water heater. Some models has Digital Display to show the current temperature of the water, flow and more info where in conventional water heater is manual and there is no such way. There is several ways to protect from electric shock and leakage in modern instant water heaters with full automatic shutting down system without any harm and with many other smart technology in build like- eHybrdid where water mixed with air bubble to reduce the water consumption but with maximum healthy water flow.
  5. Installation and relocate: Since Conventional water heater is has a big water tank and it’s often not easy to install without 2/3 persons and to relocate it required more. where Instant water heater is a small unit and that can be installed by a single person within an hour and if you shift your home then its always easy to carry and re-install the old water heater to your new home without much issues.

Repair or replace?
If you already have a water heater and if it has any issues then what you should do? Repair your old conventional water heater or you should buy a new and smart instant water heater? I believe that if you read the above and now most probably the answer would be positive to buy a new one by considering all the factors. Trust me by investing a little money in initial stage it will give you more benefits in long run. It will not just only save your Utility bills but also gives you more smart and elegant looks for your shower.

Since instant water heater is made with latest technology and has Longer warranties were also a good indication of buying a better quality of tank-less water heaters. This is a good practice even after warranty period to keep your device healthy is to service by a qualified technician once in a year.

Which Water Heater is Best for my need?
Okay! if you almost convinced to buy a new Instant Water-heater and if you have the same question that which one is good for my needs? The is answer is quite simple that it will be according to your needs and you will need to consider the bellow things-

  1. Family members: In Bangladesh this is in an average a family has 4 person and they will need per day 200 to 400 gallons of water. Instant water heater can supply you unlimited water or as much as your main water tank could hold but it is always a best practice to take consideration to buy a higher capacity of water heater if your family members is more than 4 person.
  2. Water Tank Position: If your main water tank is just above your roof, i mean if you are in top floor or if your building is one storied or if your present water flow of shower is low then better to buy a new instant shower water heater with pump. It will boost your shower’s water flow. Otherwise if your tank is on 2/3 floor up and your shower water pressure is good then you can buy without pump instant water heater.
  3. Power of Water Heater: Getting hot water within 30 to 40 seconds from an instant water heater is the main feature of instant water heater but still there several options to choose from different power consumption and it’s like- 3.5kw to 4.5kw is the most suitable for home use. If your family member is more and if you need more and more hot water then you should consider the higher capacity of water heater.

Other Special features:

There is some special features on modern and smart water heaters and it will increase the visibility and save lots of space and cut down utility bills while you will still get the better and optimum output than any other conventional water heaters ever. lets have a loot at the special features that may have in several models-


Water heater with Digital displays:
This is really an awesome feature where you can see lots of features like- Temperate, Flow of water, pressure and some other technical terms. It can be controlled by pressing buttons and it’s digitally controlled with safety. It also help you to monitor flow levels and customize operation. Some electric and hybrid water-heater models let you digitally set a “vacation mode” that uses just the heat pump for added efficiency when you’re away. Digital display also has back light which also indicates in different light like while its supplying hot water it became red light and other time blue or green. That easy to understand that the heater is ON or OFF.

Size of water heaters:

All shower water heaters are smaller in size, since there is no big tank to reserve the water. It can produce unlimited hot water on demand. It is small and convenient to install on beside your regular shower. More or less its quite similar like a 15.6″ laptop box or a little bit larger. So, its easy to install and easy to relocate.


Which brand we recommend?

To be frank and honest- personally i am always biased with reputed brands and in this case i will recommend to have a look at the worlds famous modern and Eco Friendly Panasonic Instant water heaters which is Made in Malaysia and comes with 1 year of seamless warranty support. If you are inside Dhaka city corporation and if you need professional technician to install your new water heater then we have professional team with long experience on this industry with a small amount of charge as 500 Taka even if you want you can install it with any plumber and electricians from your nearby. In a word we will recommend to buy Panasonic Instant water heater and with our installation service.

Water heater Installation in Bangladesh


In summery we can conclude with few things, either you are replacing or you are buying a new one, this would a smart idea to buy latest models of water heaters with energy efficient models. Basic or advance any models from Panasonic instant water heater comes with 1 year of warranty but this is such amazing product can easily run more than 5 years with a small annual maintenance. Buy this product and enjoy the warm water on this winter in Bangladesh.

If you found this article helpful, please feel free to write few words on the comment section and have a wonderful healthy shower every time.