Top 5 watch brands in Bangladesh

Top 5 high-end watches for men 2015

Watch is a very powerful invention which makes people punctual and more civilized. Now a day people used to so many gadgets like Smartphone, tab, personal computer, Laptop, smart glass, and many more. So they have lot of options to know the time. So, why need a wrist watch?

People are not only using watches to see time but also to express their personal attitude, status and passion as well. If you go to retail store (online watch store or physical whatever) you will find 100s of different model of watches to choice one. Some are expensive; some are modest in terms of price. Some have lots of features that everyone must those . You may choice a luxurious watch if  you want presents yourself as different from others among the crowd. Here we unfold top 5 wrist watch brands in Bangladesh


Rolex Watch BD


Rolex is one of the best watch brands in the world. Rolex established in England in 1919 by Hans Wilsdrof. They produce very high quality of watches. They introduce some fantastic features in wrist watches like dust proof, automatic date changing, water proof and many more. Rolex is not just a wrist watch. It is a symbol of status as well as sign of success. They have few models such as Deepsea, Datejust, DatDate etc. Their headquarter situated in Geneva, Switzerland. They first introduced water resistance feature in watches.


casio edifice

Casio Watches is the Japanese production. Casio was established in 1974. They first combine the analogue and digital mechanism in wrist watch. They have some nice features in their watches like Temperature, Altitudes, Direction, display date, automatic update of month as well as year. Some of their popular models of Casio watch in Bangladesh are as follows: Edifice, G-Shock, Beside, Protrek, data bank, sports, dress classic, Bluetooth sports gear. Casio watches has international factories in different countries including China, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan. With huge selection and tremendous design & of course with latest technology they become worlds most selling watches brands.  If you are looking for this worlds famous brands watch in genuine & original piece with warranty then you will have to be more careful to choose the sellers. Here is detail methods “How to identify Original & Fake Casio Edifice Watch” which will definitely help you to identify genuine Casio watch.


Titan Watch Bangladesh


Titan is a joint venture of Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Development Group. Now they are the 5th Largest wrist watches manufacturer. They export their wrist watches to 32 countries in the world. Titan established in 1984. They have the 60% share of Indian wrist watch market. They have the credit to produce world’s slimmest wrist watches which is 3.5 mm and movement is 1.15 mm. Some popular brands from them are Fastrack, sonata, raga, edge, octan xylys titan etc.


Q&Q Watch Bangladesh

Q&Q is another Japanese production in wrist watches market in Bangladesh. In 1976 CBM corporation released Q&Q brand wrist watch. In 1999 they sold 20 million of Q&Q brand wrist watches. They have wrist watches on various topics like fashion, sports, elegant, standard etc



Omega was founded by in 1884 by Louis Brandt. This is the worlds only wrist watch which is certifies by marine chronometer. This wrist watch is also popular for two reason .One, this is first watch which visited moon and this is the wrist watch which worn by James bond.


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