SJCam Action Camera in Bangladesh


SJCam Action Camera Now Available in Bangladesh

There is no doubt GoPro is the best in Action Camera but that is so expensive. And the country like Bangladesh that often not easy to buy an Action Camera with 4 times higher cost. So, here we come to know from the experts, there is another brand called SJCam is very promising and producing awesome cameras parallel to GoPro at fraction price. In this article, we will try to discuss, why you may give a try with SJCam even if you have enough budget to buy a GoPro-


Action cameras are small, portable, mountable, wearable and they are primarily used to capture the action. If you are a lover of outdoor activities such as skateboarding, cycling, skating, bike rides, ice skating, bungee jumping or sports activities, then an action camera will come in handy. You can attach an action camera to your helmet, clothing, your skateboard or even bike and capture yourself and even your friends in action. These activities are dangerously exciting, and you will want to capture them and show them off to the world. A SJCam Action camera in Bangladesh has the best features to capture these adventures as they happen and in the best possible quality.


Why the SJCam is the best Action camera for the outdoors

SJCam is trying their best to introduce the latest technology to their every new Action Camera collection. With a wide variety and made for every segment of users, they have flagship models like SJ7 Star or SJ6 Legend and they also have budget-friendly Sports Camera like- SJ4000 & SJ5000.

Most of the models of Latest SJCam is now available in Bangladesh to buy. You can buy it with all accessories that come along with the box. You really don’t need to buy it from Amazon with a high price and wait for 40- 50 days for the shipping. You can order and get it within 24 hours now in Bangladesh. Get your Genuine SJCam in Bangladesh from SJ Cam Store.

  • Long Distance WiFi Connectivity

Having to transfer content from your camera to your phone or even to your laptop can be hectic and sometimes interferes with the quality of the images or the footage.SJ cam action cameras have a WIFI connection feature. You can upload your content online directly from your camera. Imagine sharing a live footage as on Facebook as you go on that hike or bungee jumping or even as you watch or play football, tennis or your favorite sport.

  • Motion detection

The cameras are fitted with motion sensors that move whenever the image on focus moves. This feature enables you to capture moments as they happen, if you are riding your bike with friends or you are skating, the camera will tilt as you move capturing these moments in action. The SJCam Action Camera Bangladesh will be able to capture that killer skating move you’ve been dying to practice, and you can replay it later or even share with friends. you. You can fit the SJCam Action camera in your helmet or jacket or bike or even skateboard.

  • Storage

SJCam Action Camera in Bangladesh has a large storage capacity from 32gb to 64bg storage. This means that you do not have to keep deleting or transferring images when recording since it has enough storage. This makes this model especially convenient for outdoor activities because you do not have time to keep changing the memory card in between.

  • Available Accessories

SJCam cameras have the best and a wide range of accessories for you to meet your every need. For instance, the SJ6 Legend has different adapters, a waterproof package, mounts and a tripod thread that you can use with accessories from other companies. You will only find these features in an SJCam Action Camera in Bangladesh. The waterproof case will enable you to use the camera even in cases where there is the risk of it falling in water like skiing without risk of damaging your camera. The case also has a touch screen feature that enables you to operate the camera when it is inside the case.

  •  Great video and image resolution

This means better quality images and video. SJCam Action cameras like the SJ6 Legend are 4K. This means that they have ultra HD. The video quality is high and can be used with a Digital television. You can watch your hiking or game footage from any digital TV and in and high quality.

Why SJCam and not GoPro?

  • Save money

While people may argue that GoPro Action cameras have high-quality images and footage among other great features, the price is quite high. A SJCam Action Camera in Bangladesh goes for a third of the cost of a GoPro Action camera. You can save money and still get quality footage and images and use the camera for all your activities including those sports activates and adventures. SJCam cameras are cheaper but are as useful as GoPro cameras.


  • Bundle with FREE Accessories

SJCam Action cameras have arguably the coolest accessories, from different types of mounts to waterproof cases to external microphones and wide range of adapters and even a tripod thread that you can use with accessories from other companies.

  • The SJCam Action is smaller compared to GoPro cameras

The small size of the SJCam cameras makes it easier to mount to your sports gear or car or bike; it’s thin and portable compared to the GoPro cameras which are a bit bigger (thickness).


Final words

For sports, water skating, mountain climbing, hiking and other adventurous outdoor activities, the SJCam Action Camera is the best to use in Bangladesh. You will be able to have fun and record these moments or even share them in real time with your friends and family. It is cost effective therefore even if you are in school or college you can save up and buy one from the latest SJ Cam Collection from here.