Facebook Advertisement in Bangladesh

facebook marketing in Bangladesh

Facebook is one of the most visited and most popular Social site in Bangladesh. There is near about 2.8 million people are using internet from their Laptop, Desktop, iPad, Tablets, Smart Phone and other devices. There is large numbers of well targeted visitors are roaming around and smart marketers are offering them their product and service to sale. Specially for the e-commerce sites Facebook is the best place to advertise their product and to sale but now a days Facebook changed their algorithm and now Organic reach is very low and its now getting more harder to reach people and from the Facebook now they promote those posts are really impressive and get lots of audience attraction or else you will have to spend money to boost your post to make sales.

facebook marketing in Bangladesh

If you have a international Visa or Master Card or verified PayPal account then you can do advertisement on FB easily. Its always better to do marketing by yourself in house. There is lots of business secret and there is a bi chance to leak your business privacy if you are doing Facebook promotion by 3rd party company or person. There is no such magic but some fine tuning the audience, age, location, gender and some other parameters and if you study yourself and follow the Facebook rules you will find the way to get the best result.

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There is several ways to do marketing on Facebook like Page boost, Post Boost, Website conversion, Page post engagement etc. out of this you can give trial and error test to get the best result for your product. It will always depend on which product you are promoting and how nice the banner of post it is to get the optimum output by selecting the right customer. Try from small amount and learn from the errors to get better result on your next campaign. After several small campaign you will got to know what exactly works for you better and keep doing that and try exploring new things. For Bangladesh still Facebook marketing is cheap but i m not sure how long it will retain so don’t wait start and Facebook Marketing in Bangladesh for your e-commerce site to make your brand recognition and instant sales magic as well. I forgot to add one more strong point, beside advertisement you may also try some giveaway and boost that post then it will defiantly give more reach and new likes to your business page.


Here is the best practice to get maximum output for Facebook Advertisement in Bangladesh at a glance-

a. Do Facebook marketing & researse yourself

b. Do testing with small campaign and keep notes all the results

c. Keep doing the same where you got best result and try for new

d. Try to refresh your customer and  engage them by giving some gift often.