Digital VS Analog Watch

Watch tells time! People normally wear watch for that but there is many more reasons to wear watch. Beside telling time modern watches have other features like  chronometer, stopwatch, calculator and many more. Some wrist watches have advanced features like GPS, Temperature, Direction, Altitude. There are lots of different styles color and brands watches are available but whatever watches you chose that one must be under two categories like digital watch and analog watch.

Digital Watch:
Digital watch display time by showing hour, minutes all other features digitally. Some watches display second as well. Alarm, stopwatch, LED light and Calendar are some common features of a digital watch. Though some have advanced features like GPS and calculators. Digital watches are varied from low cost to expensive as well.

Digital Watch in BD
Analog Watch:
Analog wrist watch has a miniature clock face with 12 hours. An hour hand and a minute hand indicate the hour and minute. Some watches have second hand beside hour hand. Two types of numbers are used to display time in analog watch. Those are traditional number and roman numerals. 60 minutes show an hour. Digital watches tend to have advanced features but some analog watches have also advanced features like- chronograph, Tachymeter etc. Analog watches are more traditional than digital watch.

How to chose between Digital and Analog watch:
Analog and digital watches have some factors like personal preferences and styles. Before buying a wrist watch consider all the factors to choose a perfect watch for you.
Setting the watch:
Setting order involves some push button in digital watches. This has to do manually. For setting a digital watch, just follow the manual with the watch that supplied from to set the time. Because every watch is different from others so their settings/direction also varies. After setting watch, it will start to display time. But after a certain period the battery of the watch must die. Then you may take the watch to a jewelry shop to replace the battery.
Analog watch setting is different from digital watch. There is a button side on analog watch. You need to pull out the button and turn to move the hour hand as well as minute hand to get them right place. After doing so press the button back and the watch continue to tell time.
Reading the Watch:
Analog watches are resembles like sundial. As analog watches are oldest in style, so not everyone prefer to have that. The time reading on analog watch is little bit difficult for some people than digital watch. This is another reason for not choosing an analog watch. Especially the Roman numerical is tough for somebody to understand the time reading. On other hand digital watches are easy for time reading.

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