How to Choose a Perfect Backpack for Camping & Hunting?

How to Choose a Perfect Backpack for Camping & Hunting?

If you are going outdoor for hunting or camping the first question that will come to your mind is which backpack do I need for my upcoming hunt? It is not easy to find a perfect backpack for hunting and camping. Today I will try to give you some instruction from my experience. Hope this will help you to find the perfect backpack.

Measure your torso length

To measure torso length you need a flexible measuring tape. First, you need to find c7 vertebra. It’s the boniest part at the base of your neck. You can identify it more easily by leaving the head slightly more forward. This is where you are going to start the measurement.


Now you need to find your iliac crest. Where your hips form a shelf. Place the top of the hands at the top of this part of the hips with your thumbs pointing back parallel to the floor. Now take the measurement from c7 vertebra to the point where the tape crosses in between the thumbs and that’s your torso length

Load Lifter

When you pull the load lifter strap it will pull the shoulder strap upward. This will help you to transfer the load off your shoulder to your hip. A perfect backpack should be able to transfer 65% to 70% load to your hip. Less than 60% can cause shoulder pain.

Size of backpack

You need to choose a backpack according to your trip length. Make sure your backpack has enough space to pack all your hunting and camping tools. For weekend hunt 3000 cubic inches will be good enough. For more than 7 days hunting and camping I would prefer 4500 cubic inches to 7000 cubic inches.

Internal vs. External frame

Nowadays internal frame backpack is mostly used by backpackers. Each type has some pros and cons. But there are some reasons why most of the backpackers are using internal frame backpack.

But why most of the people like internal frame backpack. Here’s some reason: 

  1. Internal frame backpack is more comfortable than external frame backpack.
  2. It conforms to your body while external frame backpack forces your body to confirm the pack.
  3. The load distribution is better in internal frame backpack.
  4. The external frame backpack tends to be unstable as the weight being away from your back



It is always better if you can customize a backpack according to your needs. It helps to keep your gear tight within your pack. You can find load lifter strap in many backpacks. It helps to pull the upper pack closer to your shoulder.

Here is the quick summary what you need to look

  • Fit well
  • Pack weight should be less than 7 lbs.
  • Zipper should not make any noise
  • Minimum 5 separate compartments
  • Separate pocket for a water bladder.
  • Buy backpack from a reputed company and must have warranty
  • The backpack should compress down enough. So you can use it as daypack
  • The best pack are made with space-age material like Dyneema Strength Panels




Whether you are a mountain hunter or whitetail hunter having a perfect backpack that meets all of your requirements is a must. Hope this guideline will help you to find your hunting backpack. Happy Shopping!!!