Casio Stop watch for Industrial use in Bangladesh

Stop Watch

Casio stop watch is a handheld chronometer designed for measuring the quantity of time elapsed from a specific time after it’s’ activation to the time of deactivation. It can be used by almost any individual from a physician, sports coach, college student, housewife or a teacher.

Parents can use Casio stop watch to monitor their youngsters who have a tendency of a spending a lot of time on the internet to prevent them from chatting with strangers and visiting unsuitable websites.

Stop Watch

Industrial Stop Watch- What is that?

Now every mobile has Stop watch then why you should consider buying a new device? Yes, there is a reason. If you are in any industrial process you must know the value of the time and the commitment to the buyers. Every single moment is important. So, we can’t measure and keep the record of hundreds of data to analyze and to improve the power of workforce. So, we need something specially designed for this job to be done accurately and smartly.

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Uses of stop watch in industries:

There are thousands of Garments industries in Bangladesh and we will take in consideration as a garment industry in this article.

  • It aids in preparing budgets and determining standard costs.
  • It helps in determining the effectiveness of a machine, the number of persons required to operate a machine, and aids in balancing work done and assembly lines on a conveyor.
  • It helps in determining time standards which are an important tool in labor cost control.
  • It helps to identify labor efficiency, labor performance, labor productivity and the general time needed to carry out the task.
  • It helps to enhance the operation process.
  • It aids in planning work and determining schedules
  • It helps in estimating the production cost of an item before you manufacture it, therefore determining the selling price and preparing bids


Stop watch for Production Industries

Time Study

Casio stopwatch is used in RMG industries in Bangladesh for determining the duration taken when performing a certain job. When managing human resources there is a need for managers to be conversant with the specific time employees need to perform their duties efficiently or else they will not be able to plan production output or schedules.
If a company does not know the specific time required to do a certain job, it will not be in a position to determine if customer’s delivery expectations or service time will be met.
Work measurement is also used in industries especially in repetitive jobs to set the output standards and wages.

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The following are the steps used in making a Casio stop watch time study;

  1. Establishment of a standard job method- this is done by analysis methods to make sure you use the best methods.
  2. The job is broken down into elements- break down the job into elemental tasks which are short and have breaks in between them. A more detailed element is easier to get rid of elemental times not included in each job that can affect the standard time abnormally.
  3. Studying the job- this is normally conducted using the hand-held Casio stop watch. The elemental time of each worker is recorded in an observation sheet.
  4. Rating of the worker’s performance– worker’s performance is rated at the same time the study is being done. The purpose is to establish the normal or average time required for the job. A 100 percent performance rating factor reflects a normal work performance, below average performance is below 100 percent and better than normal is above 100 percent.
    The rating factors are between 80 and 100 percent. Performance rating aspect is an important component though it is subjective. In order to perform a reliable time study, the person should be conversant with the job.
  5. Computing the average time- an average time can be calculated for each worker once the numbers of job cycles are sufficient.
  6. Computing the normal time- this is achieved after multiplying performance rating factor with the average time.
  7. Computing the standard time- this is done by adjustment of normal cycle time by an unavoidable work delays allowance factor and normal physical or mental fatigue. Normal cycle time percentage increase is usually the allowance factor.


Work Sampling for Garment Industries:

This involves brief but random observations of a machine or a worker within a given period and recording the activities done. RMG industries in Bangladesh usually make exhaustive observations to ensure all parameters of the activities are covered. The proportion of time a worker spends doing an activity is then calculated using established statistical methods. Work sampling is preferred over time study as it is less annoying or disruptive to workers.

Learning Curves

Stop watches are essential in the RMG industries in Bangladesh for the calculation of learning curves, the graphs that show frequencies at which workers repeat tasks. The logic behind learning curves is that worker performance improves significantly as the workers repeat their tasks. Alongside production-related techniques such as job redesign and retooling, learning curves help to improve production for long and repetitive jobs.

Considering the rigorous nature of the work, it is essential to have a robust stop watch. The HS-70w-1 Casio stop watch perfectly suits this task as it has a high precision, storage memory, and several measuring modes. With the stop watch, you can measure lap time, elapsed time, split time and the first to 100th place time. The HS-70w-1 has a display capacity of 9:59’59.999” for the split and elapsed times and 59’59.999” for lap time. On the other hand, the HS-80TW-1 is resistant to up to 50-metres water depth, has a split time and elapse time display of 9:59’59.999’’ and a 59’59.999’’ lap time displays. The HS-80tw-1 has 12 beeper alarms with a 1-minute setting unit. It has a football stop watch with a measuring unit and capacity of 1 second and 99’59 respectively, and up to the year 2099 full auto-calendar.