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Now it’s middle of 2015, Apple smart watch is in the market and some other brands like LG, Sony also in the field. They also doing very well. On the other side renowned Japanese wrist watch manufacturer Casio is planning to enter the smartwatch market very soon. Generally Casio wrist watches are not just a time peace. Casio makes awesome featured wrist watches over the year. Like in 2011 they produced Bluetooth connected G-Shock Smartwatch. This nice Casio wrist watches have some unique & useful features after synchronizing with Android or iOS smart phones like, email, Call, SMS notification, music control and many more.

Casio Smart Watch in BD
Casio wants to enter the Smart phone market as they want more established as well as more universally adopted operating system. History says that Casio is such a company which has no fear to do more and more experiments on new products. They do that to resonate with their consumers.
Look at the wrist watches made by Seiko, Citizen and Casio over the year. It seems that those wrist watches should not be made nevertheless were. Say Casio wrist with ‘Databank’ which has a primitive type electronic address book. The question is who use this?

Casio invests lots of efforts to improve and refine their core wrist watches and technology developments. For that they add some excellent features like GPS signal control, Altitude, Direction and Hybrid aviation series to do more with your wrist watch. Their research and Development team focuses on higher function analog wrist watches and in very affordable price so that it can be suitable for mid range of consumers like Asian or for the peoples of 3rd world. Now they want to grab the smart watch market as well. Another and biggest invention for Casio wristwatch model with a basic TV remote. But when one says about the watch, then first come to mind the 1970’s wrist watches of Casio. Casio’s plan to release the smart watch by mid of the next year. Though they neither did nor unfold any information about the design as well the features of the smart watch. A report in the wall street journal said that Casio was running the research on smart watch over the last four years. Kazahiro Kashio is the leader of the research team. He is the new president of worlds top watch manufacturer Casio. Kazahiro’s father Kajoo Kashio was the same position before him.

Casio Bangladesh
He mentioned that they will launch the new Casio Smartwatch on March next year 2016. Though the price and the parts of the wrist watch is not still secret and they didn’t disclose. They want to make something special & durable which will not break easily. This smart watch would  also being very comfortable to wear as casual. The price of the Casio smart watch may be similar as price entry level edition of apple smart wrist watch. Casio has a plan to sell a smart watch valued around 8 crores of dollars.

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