Casio G Shock: Repairing Guide

G-Shock Watch in BD

Casio G Shock is a very high quality as well as durable wrist watch. Both man and women can use this Casio wrist watch. Though it is a high quality watch but it may run into problems sometimes. That time it requires repairing services. Some wrist watch owners prefer to go professional wrist watch service provider. That’s fine. But all the time for every kind of diseases you do not need to go a specialized doctor like. Some wrist watch problems are very simple. One can fix those at home, for that one just need to have some basic information. No need to go professional or Casio Service Center in Bangladesh for wrist watch repair service provider at all.

G Shock Watch in BD

About G Shock

Casio Computer Company released G Shock series of wrist watch in 1983. G-Shock has lots of different style and models of watches. G-Shock wrist watches have some standard features like – Shock resistant, stop watch, a light, a timer and water resistance, LED light and some of the modes comes with more advanced features like Temperature, Altitudes, Directions etc.

Normally regular maintenance, owner’s instructions and general care can avoid some problems. Some problems are unavoidable but small problems can be sort out in many cases.

Fixings or Restoring Brightness of G-Shock

It is a very common problem heard from many Casio G Shock wrist watch owners. The problem is dimming the back light panel by using frequently. This problem can be solved by replacing the battery or recharge the battery with new one. You should use a standard charger for that if it supports recharging or else replace with he exact battery. Wrist watches owners who have more than one watch or who use their watch at night. For them recharge the battery is the simpler way to solve the problem as well as less expensive also.

Casio G Shock in BD

Fixing incorrect time Calibration on G Shock

Normally time calibration work automatically but some times it is heard that the feature is not working. Basically this feature works automatically by communicating with satellite. When the feature is not working perfectly, then owners need to adjust the time as manually. For solving day light saving problem, first go to DST setting then select the auto DST or turn off or on as your requirement. You should check your home location also to get the perfect solution of the problem.

Fixing the battery problem of G-Shock

Sometimes wrist watches stop completely or blinks off and on. That means the battery must be down. You need to replace the battery. To change the battery you need a wrist watch screw driver and tweezers. Just remove the straps and then use the screw driver to remove two or four screws. By using tweezers release the battery and replace by a new one. After replacing the battery use silicon grease to seal the watch.

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