Android TV Box in Bangladesh- Make Every TV Smart Internet TV

Android TV Box

Android TV Box in Bangladesh

Android is a popular operating system by Google for smartphones, tablets and also android mini PCs all over the world with over a billion users currently. Android TV Box in Bangladesh is a new addition that allows watching HD movies, Games, Drama direct from the Internet or from your mobile or Laptop. All the devices that use this Google-owned operating system are all smart devices.

Here we will discuss how you can make your old TV into Smart Internet TV. We will also try to focus on why you should buy this Android TV box instead of buying a new Smart TV.

Do you love HD Movies or playing Android Games on your TV? Then you may find some very interesting facts in this article.

Before we start– if you have some quick question like-

  • Can I use Facebook with the Android TV Box?

Yes! you can. This android TV Box suport Google play store and you can easily download the Facebook apps from the play store (Facebook app is pre-install). Not only facebook, you can use all popular Android apps like Skype, IMO, WhatsApp, Temple run etc.  but you can’t make calls since there is no mic or cam with this device. But yes you may able to do that too wtih USB mic and USB web cams

  • Can I install apps from the Google play store?

Yes! It supports Google play store natively. You can install apps from the Google play store. It’s as simple as other android devices.

  • Can I play movies from my mobile to TV with this device?

Yes! you can. You can play anything from your Smartphone with the “Screen Cast” or “Screen Mirroring” feature. This Android TV support Miracast which allowes Screen casting from Android Smartphone and AirPlay for iOS devices.

  • Does it support Powerpoint Presentation?

The answer is Yes and No both. Yes from smartphone with Screen casting and No from Computers. With smartphone and with screen casting you can do this on your TV.

  • Does it support 4K etc?

Yes! it does support 4K. But you should have 4K supported TV as well to have the real 4K experiance.


Be patience, we will give all the answers within this article and will try to add information and screenshot to make you fully understand in this article.

Android TV Box

What is android TV box?

The Android TV box is a mini-computer in its sense running on the Android operating system. It can fit into a small area near your TV set. It allows you to view High Definition movies on your TV set, play Android games, use Facebook and also surf the internet at your own pleasure. This TV box connects to your computer via an HDMI port and brings you a world of new possibilities that were previously not possible to even imagine.

The Android TV box in Bangladesh is available in different configuration and brands. With Quad Core processor you will find your TV entertainment in a new level. Bangladesh residents can be able to access the Google Play Store, hence their favorite apps, through their TV sets now. The Android TV box is made for everyone; new TVs coming with the HDMI ports connect to the Android TV boxes with HDMI ports while older TVs connect to this TV box using the A/V output ports. New models of the TV boxes are released from time to time, and they come at prices favorable to everyone for the larger market.

Do you have 4K TV? Then we have some awesome news for you-

The Android TV boxes in the market come with a Quad core processor combined with a video processor that enable your TV to perform better and faster with more smart features. It has a maximum resolution is 4K but you will need to have 4K supported TV otherwise 1920*1080P that gives awesome clarity to the images and videos displayed. You can also enjoy 4K video if you have GoPro Action Camera in 4K with this device.

On purchase, it comes with an HDMI cable, remote control, power adapter and an operating manual plus the Android TV box itself.

How can it make any TV into Smart Android TV?

The Android TV Box comes with an HDMI port and several USB ports that can connect to several devices. The HDMI port of the box connects to the HDMI port of your LED or LCD TV and instantly turns it into a smart TV. The now smart Android TV runs on the popular Android operating system making it access a collection of many applications on the Play Store for free, plus the premier services and apps available on this platform.

The traditional remote control, USB mouse or keyboard can be used to navigate and control the Android TV Box in Bangladesh. You can also use your smartphone or tablet signed into your Google account and make changes to your play store account which will then be synced with the Smart Android TV.

The Android TV box in Bangladesh comes with a 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM with an additional micro SD port that allows you to save your media in external storage media.

Benefits of Android TV Box

The Android TV box in Bangladesh comes with many options and features that enable you to do more on your TV as compared to a traditional TV, smartphone, or tablet combined.

This TV box comes with several apps pre-installed so you just connect and you are having fun in a minute’s time. It comes with the latest version of Android OS and XBMC that allows viewers to enjoy the video and audio streams on the internet through their smart TVs.

It allows you to access the internet from the comfort of your home by turning your normal TV into a smart TV, the Android TV box connects to the internet through your local internet service provider and then you can surf your favorite websites; be it the social networks, checking your email and any other thing possible on the internet.

With the Android TV box, you are able to watch HD TV programs and movies. The box comes with a Quad core processor that makes this possible and the movie experience will never be the same again. You cab stream movies and videos on channels like YouTube, Netflix, among others in line with their terms and conditions.

The Android TV box enables you to play Android games on your TV. This is possible when you access the Android games through the Google play store on your TV.

It also supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and 3G modems and dongles. This makes it easier to connect to the internet through the several connection options. It can also be used in monitors and projectors such that you get a wider view for all your viewing options and audience.

Connecting a web cam to your smart TV enables you to make calls through Skype through the capabilities of the Android TV box.

To top it all, the Android TV Box in Bangladesh comes with an inexpensive price tag that is surely affordable to the general public hence pocket-friendly.

Why should you buy it?

The Android TV Box in Bangladesh should be your first choice when you decide to turn your TV set into a smart TV. It is a budget device that will not break your bank balance hence you get to transform your traditional TV into a smart TV and enjoy all that comes with the smart TV generation. The use of Android smartphones and smart TV sets running on the Android TV box makes it possible to have a seamless operation of the Android accounts of respective users such that you can make an update on your favorite games, applications and also mail operations from anywhere convenient; and the changes will be effected from anywhere you log into.

Android is becoming more popular by the day as shown by the number of people using smartphones powered by Android and any other device running on the Android platform, you should be part of the Android bandwagon so as not to be left behind.

The Bangladesh communities have strong social connections and this should also be emulated in the use of this mass product that will connect the people online more. The use of the Android TV Box in Bangladesh should be in every household so that all the fun that runs on the capabilities of this device can be experienced by every person in each household.