4K HDMI Switch with Remote for TV & Projector

HDMI Switch

HDMI Switch for TV & Projector in Bangladesh

Having an HD TV at home is common things in Bangladesh. Having multiple HD devices like- Set Top Box, Chromecast, DVD Player or BlueRay Player, PS4, Laptops or other kinds but if your TV has limited numbers of HDMI ports then you may need to have a device called HDMI Switch.
HDMI Switch has eased the life of many gaming enthusiasts and entertainment lovers. Modern age TV sets usually come with a lot of HDMI ports, but the need to introduce HDMI switch was strongly felt ever since people started getting annoyed due to the limited available HDMI ports in their old 4K TV sets. Companies came up with a solution to introduce HDMI hub that doesn’t only fulfill the requirement of people but also allow them to connect as many devices as they wish.
 HDMI Switch
What is HDMI Switch?
It is a device used to connect a video source to a TV using HDMI interface. For example, if you wish to join your PlayStation, DVD, or laptop to the TV and your TV has limited or no HDMI ports then you can use this device. HDMI Switches usually comes with more than two ports. Currently, many companies are producing a variety of HDMI Hubs and Switches.
Once you know you need to buy an HDMI Switch, it’s the time for you to decide what HDMI Switch is going to work for you the best. Although, the market has been flooded with hundreds of HDMI Hubs and Switches. Unfortunately, most of them seem good for nothing.
Besides offering 4K HDMI Switch, we would like you to have a look at one of the runner-up devices for the year 2016 that is available on the market with a name “The Zettaguard 4K HDMI switcher”. It has extensive features to offer. It is designed in such a way that its front is made up of lighting console that indicates you which component is being used. Here comes another amazing feature of the Zettguard 4K HDMI Switch which is the PIP (picture in picture) feature. It allows users to watch two screens side by side with one display being prominent and the other is shown in the bottom right side corner. This feature is perfect for those who love to watch scoring games such as cricket, volleyball, baseball, etc. as it allows them to remain updated without keeping other family members to stick to the sports channel.
4K HDMI Switch Specifications
It is a device that has one input and three output terminals. It enables you to connect your play station, Xbox or laptops to your TV all at the same time. With 4K HDMI switch, there is no need to change the plugins repeatedly to connect your preferred device to the TV.
How To Use HDMI Switch
All you need to do is to connect your TV to the output port of the HDMI hub using USB leads, and on the input terminals, you need to connect your devices such that PlayStation, Xbox, and laptop.
It has following features.
  • It is a device that supports 4K TV set
  • It has three (03) inputs and one (01) output
  • It has multi-functions enabling you to switch between your devices using a remote control
  • It has HD Resolutions
  • It has great compatibility
  • It also supports Ultra HD 4K x 2k 3D HDCP
  • It comes with a remote control and one (01) infra-red cable.
It is suggested to use with the following
  • It is compatible with Blu-ray/DVD players and HD-DVD
  • It supports Play Station 3&4, Wii U, Xbox 1/360
  • It also supports PC/ Apple computers/ HTPC
  • It allows users to connect their iPhone, Android phones, tablets, iPad and Amazon Fire
  • It also supports Cameras & Video Recorders
  • It can be connected to TV Boxes, recorders, DVR and PVR
  • It supports Netflix, Android Boxes, Chromecast and Kodi
  • It, in fact, supports all devices having HDMI inputs.
How to get HDMI Switch in Bangladesh
There is good news for all of you out there residing in Bangladesh. Now you can get this fantastic device for as low as TK 1900.00. To place an order, you need to fill an online order form BDSHOP.com available You can also call or WhatsApp on number +8801789-884488.
Delivery Timing for HDMI Switch
  • It will be delivered within 3-24 hours inside Dhaka
  • To deliver outside Dhaka, it can take 1 to 3 working days.
Delivery Charges for HDMI Switch
  • Within Dhaka City (Regular): 50 Taka
  • (Express Delivery): 150 to 200 Taka
  • 100 Taka will be charged for delivering the product outside Dhaka
Please note that you can avail free* shipping on order of 2000 Taka or more.
* Terms and Conditions applied.
Return Policy For HDMI Switch
Please note that this device comes with a seven days money back guarantee. You can always return or exchange the product within (07) days of delivery provided that there is a genuine issue, for example, the wrong product is delivered, or there is some manufacturing fault in the device.
Final Words
We believe it is the most reliable devices one can use for their 4K TV Sets. It has a lot of multi-function that makes users fell in love with it. It supports multiple devices. HDMI switch is affordable to purchase and easy to use.